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Bio Composants Médicaux (BCM) | Aussteller auf der Internationale Dental-Schau 2021

Bio Composants Médicaux (BCM)

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Bio Composants Médicaux (BCM)
ZA le talanud Route de Bavonne 215
+33 4 76 07 79 57
Unternehmen und Produkte

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Unternehmen und Produkte


Fiber Force

Resin-impregnated fiber reinforcement products for :
• Full denture fabrication
• Denture repair and additions
• Implant-supported dentures
• Reinforcement of dental appliances

FIBER FORCE™ reinforcement products represent an effective solution to the challenges faced by dental professionals of providing stronger and more esthetic removable and temporary prosthesis.
Developed and manufactured in the french “silicon valley” (Grenoble), FiBER FORCE™ engineers have developed a fiber reinforcement system that can be incorporated into applications using acrylic resins. FiBER FORCE™ use advanced e-glass fibers that are specially treated and impregnated with a light-cured resin in an industrial process that ensures homogeneity with the finished acrylic resin. Create dentures that are up to 3 times stronger

• Bonds to all methacrylate resins for a “monobloc” design
• Esthetic – uses translucent fibers that are invisible once in place
• Thinner, more comfortable and lightweight dentures
• Ideal combination of strength, flex, comfort and cost for implant-supported dentures
• Techniques are fast, easy and offer consistent results
• Much easier to mould, handle and use than metallic alternatives
• Metal-free, BisGMA free, epoxy free. 

Fiber Force CST


The CST ™technique makes the manufacture process both fast and
simple. A CST™ framework can be made in approximately 30 minutes
and requires no casting, scanning, or milling – making it accessible to any dental professional with a light curing unit. All the usual protocols
for fixed-hybrid dentures are followed which means familiar routines and processes are maintained.
Not only are CST™ frameworks strong and easy to fabricate, they’re
affordable – making a fixed denture solution more accessible to more
Since its introduction FiBER FORCE™ has set the standard for reinforcement applications in removable dentistry. From the minds that brought you FiBER FORCE CST™ represents the next major evolution in fiber design and application: an ingeniously simple concept for fabricating an implant auto-supported fiber structure for fixed/hybrid dentures, popularized by solutions like the All-on-4™ implant system.

• Innovative compressible hybrid fiber design for optimized physical
• Improved compatibility with the acrylics and composites that are
used to complete the final appliances resulting in outstanding resistance to stress forces
• Affordable cost per arch makes fixed implant solutions more accessible
• Leverages known engineering concepts and the beneficial physical properties of Fiber Reinforced Composite (FRC)
• Simple and fast technique allows manufacture of a framework in 30 minutes
• Requires no CAD/CAM technologies or systems - accessible to all dental

Fast Splint Matrix


A complete range of reinforcements for dental splints and bonded bridges.

Aesthetic, Simple, Quick, Reliable, Non-invasive. 
With the FastSplint Matrix™ application method, installing a retainer splint or an adhesive bridge is a simple, quick and reliable solution for various clinical situations in periodontology, traumatology or for post-orthodontic treatment. 

• The device includes a wax model to prepare the dimensions of the future splint.
• The 0.9 mm diameter fiberglass braided rope, pre-impregnated with
photo-polymerizable UDMA resin, turns into a 1.7 mm comfortable,
elastic tape.
• One-directional threads woven into the braided rope guarantee
constant mechanical properties after polymerization. Traction
resistance is 50 kg.
• The ends of the braided rope do not fray when cut.

5 Perio & Ortho x Ø0.9 mm x 55 mm.
Fiber diameter: 0.9 mm
Fiber tape dimensions:
1,7 mm wide, 0.3 mm thick
Braided fiberglass and interwoven one-directional threads.
UDMA, epoxy-free and Bis-GMA-free.
Mechanical tests:
Traction resistance 50 kg.
Shape memory: no.
Fiber cutting:
The fibers are cut in the direction of blue blister pack opening using
Immediate use.
Product lifetime of 3 years.

D-Lab CST Link

D-lab allows high-precision impressions in order to create, for the laboratory, an accurate in detail model and a dimensional precision for immediate loading and all-on-4F Easy application of the fiber orally
Light curable
Render of a high-precision model for dentures Metal-free. 
The consolidation of implant transfers position is an essential part of immediate loading where time is limited and there is no margin for error.
This technique, which records the spatial position of implant transfers is rapid, easily reproducible and avoids the need for stability tests.
The recording of a clinical situation must result in a realistic and precise
cast, therefore impression taking is a fundamental step in the prosthetic
D-Lab CST LINK™ is a system of rapid consolidation of implant transfers using a dispenser of high stability photo-polymerized fi bered elements.
The structure of a CST LINK™ hybrid reinforcement
The CST LINK™ braid from D-Labdispenser is made up of one-directional parallel threads of glass fiber in a woven sleeve. Each fiber is coated with a film of photosensitive resin.
A very small quantity of UDMA resin will reduce the effects of shrinkage
after polymerization.
The shrinkage of the UDMA resin used can be measured at between 5 and 9 %, compared with 21 % for PMMA.
The dimensional variations on polymerization are very small as seen
in the spatial stability trials, which show an average variance of 50 µm,
while a variation of less than 100 µm is undetectable and without consequence (Panas - 2011). Trial results suggest a total neutrality of the D-Lab CST LINK™ solution. Translucent silicon is placed in the
transparent membrane impression tray, which allows for visualization of
the 3D CST LINK™ frame and the implant transfers; polymerization of
the braids is completed with blue light. The 3D consolidation cast obtained
preserves the spatial positioning of the implants, without deformation. 

Biolight ST

Simple tapered fiberglass root canal post, highly radiopaque, translucent and biocompatible

› Biocompatible : metal-free,  Bis-GMA-free, epoxy-free
› Radiopaque
› High light conductivity
› High flexural strength
› Simple tapered retention
› Reamer with stainless helicoidal blade, accurate and vibration-free
› Easy post elimination with a fissure bur. 


Biolight ST is a fiberglass root canal post, simple tapered, highly radiopaque, translucent and biocompatible. The simple tapered shape allows it to easily adapt to the simplest shapes. Physico-chemical characteristics
The Biolight ST fiberglass composite post contains a urethane dimethacrylate resin as well as radio-opacifying charges. The implementation of the fibers, the quantity of charges and the geometry of the pieces are optimized in order to generate a highly radiopaque
post, photoconductor, integrating mechanical properties similar to the
dentin, which gives it an adapted mechanical neutrality: the physical
proprieties of the composite material allow a harmonious flow of the mechanical constraints and a reduction of the stress interfaces.

The Biolight ST post is translucent with a clear dentin shade, which enables the light transmission from the apex to the post. The Biolight ST post uses optical fiberglass as well as a translucent diffusing light resin. The Biolight ST post has a micro-retentive surface, which allows the adhesion using the latest generation of adhesive luting composites. Therefore, a true microwedging of the post is possible between the micro-retentions and the dentin tubules of the root canal. The adhesive luting composites offer the same chemical nature of the post’s matrix. The expulsion of the adhesive luting composite is facilitated during the
insertion into the canal by the apical chamfer.

Biolight dual

Double tapered fiber radiopaque posts

Excellent light transmission

Compatible with every adhesive system

Easily adaptable to the simplest shapes

> Biocompatible: metal-free, epoxy-free and bis-GMA resin-free
> High radiopacity
> High light conduction
> Strong resistance to bending
> Dual taper retention
> Stainless steel, accurate and vibration-free spiral blade reamer
> Easy removal of the post by milling. 

Biolight Dual is a dual taper, high radiopacity, translucent, biocompatible fiberglass post. The dual taper shape enables maximal preservation of the dental structure while ensuring the best possible adaptation to the natural shape of the root canal. Physical and chemical properties
The Biolight Dual post is a composite post made from fiberglass,
dimethacrylate urethane resin and radiopacifying fillers.
The implementation of fiber, quantity of fillers and part geometry are
optimized to ensure high radiopacity and light conduction in a post whose mechanical properties are similar to those of dentine. This post is designed to be mechanically neutral: the physical properties of the composite material enable a harmonious flow of the mechanical forces and reduced stress at the interfaces.
The Biolight Dual post is translucent, with a pale dentine tint to ensure the transmission of light right to the apex of the post.
The Biolight Dual post uses optical fiber-type fiberglass and a translucent, light-transmitting resin.
The surface of the Biolight Dual is micro-retentive, encouraging
adhesion by means of the latest generation composite
adhesives. The post can thus be secured by an interlocking system
between the micro-serrations and the dentinal tubules in the root canal.
The adhesives used are of the same chemical type as the post matrix.
Adhesive expulsion is thus facilitated upon insertion into the canal by the apical chamfer.


The line of pre-impregnated fiber light curable reinforcements is intended for the production of:

Single crown frameworks
Homothetic bridges and single crown cusp support
Easy to use while being

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