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Ceramaret SA | Aussteller auf der Internationale Dental-Schau 2021

Ceramaret SA

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Ceramaret SA
Rue des Croix 43
2014 Bole
+41 328438383
+41 328422502
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Unternehmen und Produkte

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CERAMARET COMPONENTS for the dental industry Applications

In collaboration with its customers active in the dental field, Ceramaret develops and manufactures biocompatible components in hard materials such as Advanced Ceramics (alumina oxides Al2O3, zirconium oxides ZrO2, silicon nitrides Si3N4 and carbide nitrides SiC, synthetic ruby and sapphire). The outstanding properties of these materials are ideal for applications requiring high wear resistance (friction, corrosion). In addition, a targeted structure of these materials allows a better osseo-integration.


The ceramic dental implant is an ideal solution for treating patients who are at risk of rejection with a conventional titanium implant. More and more patients are also interested in a non-metallic alternative that guarantees far superior cyto-toxicological, histological and biochemical characteristics to titanium.

The ceramic abutment is an indispensable connecting element in modern implantology. It can be mounted on ceramic implants as well as on titanium implants.

Ceramaret manufactures as well zirconia blanks for prosthetic restorations for the production of crowns, bridges and abutments.


Ceramaret develops materials from which blanks for a multitude of implantology drills and tools are made.