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Laschal Surgical | Aussteller auf der Internationale Dental-Schau 2021

Laschal Surgical

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Laschal Surgical
120 Kisco Ave
Mount Kisco ,NY 10549-1415
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
+1 914 949 8577
+1 914 683 3938
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Laschal - Booth # 3408

Sonic Steel by Laschal, is a new exotic alloy that allows for revolutionary instrument designs, with amazing capabilities. Needle holders that never bend out of shape, scissors that stay sharp for 10 years and never become loose. As well as several instruments specific to Perio, Endo, Implant, and Surgery, that are the first of their kind.
- Periotomes that promote atraumatic extraction
- Raptor Root Forceps, weighs a few grams, most narrow jaws available, stronger than any other forceps you have experience
- Tunnel Grafting Forceps, specific to the tunneling tecnique, redices chair time by 20 - 30 minutes, minimum.
- Allograft Packer Forceps - Tired of losing 40% of your material from dish to site? This new instrument pays for itself (and then some), in saved graft material.
- Break an endo file? see Us first for the FXP trophing system, and the most narrow (and stongest) Steiglitz Forceps in the world. 
- Liquid Scissors Technology - Just come see it, you wouldn't believe anything i could write for this one.

Never buy a stainless steel or titanium instrument again.


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