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O.M.E.C. Snc | Aussteller auf der Internationale Dental-Schau 2021

O.M.E.C. Snc

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O.M.E.C. Snc
Via dell'Artigianato 3/5
20835 MUGGIO' (MB)
+39 039793740
+39 039 2780689
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Unternehmen und Produkte

Unternehmen und Produkte

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OMEC (Carnevale’s Electric and Mechanical Firm) born in 1961 from Mr. Renato Carnevale’s private enterprise, who is the founder and the current owner of OMEC. Company first steps were moved in the electromechanical field by producing electric motors and gear motors for industrial applications. From this activity it came the experience to start the construction of equipment for dental laboratory and for goldsmith. Almost 60 years after its foundation, nowadays OMEC is recognized as one of leading companies in these fields. The continuous development and technology researches have led OMEC to propose innovative solutions and projects to make it be very well known outside domestic market. Actually more than 90% of OMEC production is exported all over the world throughout a distribution network including the most qualified wholesalers and retailers who have always had confidence in OMEC projects and equipment.

At Muggio’s (Milan) seat, the technical and commercial offices, the researching department, the manufacturing line, the spare parts warehouse and the show-room with all units operating and ready for demonstration are situated over a 3200 mq area. Particularly important to OMEC is the testing phase on every unit before shipment: all items are checked and supplied with their own technical documentation and certificate of acceptance. All units by OMEC are guaranteed for one year and comply with current EC standards.
After-sales service is guaranteed by highly qualified personnel and spare parts catalogue is available on-line: request and order can be placed through it. Buying OMEC products is not just selecting equipment but also a philosophy of work, the same as the one moving the company: always bringing NEW IDEAS, with the SAME QUALITY.

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