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Sheraget to plaster: new hard plaster in cool colours Easy to mix, boasts a silky surface.

At IDS 2019, Shera loudly draws attention to the new product: type 3 hard plaster. Sheraget to plaster. It is very easy to mix and pour producing a plaster model with a silky surface. The components of the new plaster are adjusted in such a way that the parameters remain stable despite slight deviations in processing. Sheraget to plaster is available in four colours, which bear the sonorous names sky, sun, snow and silver. Plain white should not be missing. The classic blue for type 3 plasters has a fresh shade, the yellow shade is brighter than previous plasters, and the grey shade is an alternative that was previously hardly represented in the colour palette for hard plasters.

Sheraget to plaster is developed for opposing, situation and repair models. Whilst stirring the powder and distilled water together, it mixes very easily. Larger quantities can easily be mixed in one go, in case several impressions are to be poured. The mixed plaster appears creamy, and the supporting components in the plaster conjure up a model with a very smooth surface that comes close to the quality of a type 4 model stone.
IDS visitors in Cologne can already get to know the new hard plaster Sheraget to plaster in March. Sales of the new dental plaster will start in May 2019.

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