IDS: 25.–29.03.2025 #IDScologne

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Nt Varnish, Nt Clear Varnish | Aussteller auf der IDS - Internationale Dental-Schau 2023

Nt Varnish, Nt Clear Varnish

von Denbio Co., Ltd

5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish (Desensitizer)
With Calcium phosphate(TCP)
With Tocopherol(Vitamin-E)
With Xylitol

* Characteristics
- Tooth adsorption and excellent coating
- Release fluoride continuously
- The protection of dental caries, the effect of hypersensitivity treatment, the function of promoting remineralization
- The improvement of antimicrobial activity and halitosis, the improvement of intra-oral blood flow and the effect of the
  protection of oral cavity such as antioxidant activity
- Containing highly enriched fluoride ion (22,600ppm)
- The technical formulation of calcium (TCP), xylitol, and tocopherol (Vitamin-E)
- The implementation of appealing and providing freshness for the teeth
- Removing the remaining oral foreign body sensation
- The fresh, sweet and sour taste of lightly unripened apples
- The product certification of the Ministry of Food and Drug safety
- The certification of biological stability evaluation
- Domestic patent Feature certification

* Features
- Preventing teeth decaying and improving remineralization
- The superb blocking effect of dental troubles (hyperesthesia treating)
- The effect of continuously releasing fluoride
- Optimized streaming on teeth spreading
- Applying to various symptoms
Denbio Co., Ltd
58, Cheomdan venture soro 37 beongil
61003 Gwangju
Korea, Süd