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Digiray Corp. | Aussteller auf der Internationale Dental-Schau 2021

Digiray Corp.

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Digiray Corp.
Ilsan-ro 142
10442 Goyang-si
Korea, Süd
+82 3180739292
+82 319279988
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Digiray is a Korean company that manufactures and distributes PSP scanners worldwide. With more than a decade of experience, its FireCR Dental Reader has around 9% of the global market share when including all the OEM brands. Furthermore, with the vision to contribute to the global healthcare system through digital technology, Digiray has been working on developing new technologies, such as FireCR Dental Advice-Support System and N-Tuple Energy Method (NTM).

FireCR Dental Advice-Support System: Digiray is the first company in the world to commercialize AI in dentistry for more an accurate and fast diagnosis. It is designed to assist dentists in their busy working hours by detecting the suspected areas of dental caries and periapical lesion after an x-ray is taken. Ultimately, with more data accumulated, Digiray aims to expand the areas of diagnosis, and analyze patient's overall dental condition. By doing so, it hopes this innovative software to support dentists who are struggling with overwork and stress.

N-Tuple Energy Method (NTM): Digiray has also developed an unprecedented image processing technology that dramatically improves the quality of x-ray images by four times. Thousands of x-ray images have been used for the deep learning. Please come visit us to find more about it!


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