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ASI Dental Specialties | Aussteller auf der Internationale Dental-Schau 2021

ASI Dental Specialties

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ASI Dental Specialties
8811 American Way
Englewood ,CO 80112-7153
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
+1 303 766 3646
+1 303 766 8584
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Unternehmen und Produkte


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ASI Dental makes a unique line of dental delivery cart systems to allow dental specialists to create an optimal treatment area for a more positive patient experience.

We offer both plumbed and self-contained systems that provide high power and quiet operation. Now dentists can significantly reduce the overall cost of dental offices with this onboard utility option.

Our Advanced Dental System series includes a unique modular instrument panel that allows full custom instrument integration to eliminate visible clutter and a single foot control for operation – giving peace of mind to your patients.

Our expertise in product design and manufacturing allows us to enhance dental professionals’ efficiency and ergonomics. Grow your practice at your own pace with freedom in design while avoiding unnecessary construction & equipment costs.

We're looking for equipment distributors! Visit to apply.


closeopenTriton™ Orthodontic/Hygiene Delivery System – Self-Contained Model: 90-2021
closeopenTriton™ Freedom Dental Delivery System – Self Contained Model: 90-2026
closeopenTriton™ Restorative Dental Delivery System – Self-Contained Model: 90-2025
closeopenAdvanced Endodontic System – Designer Series iTech Model: 90-2134E
closeopenAdvanced Dental System – Designer Series with Drawers Model: 90-2133D
closeopenFreedom Orthodontic/Hygiene Delivery System – Slimline Model: 90-2044S
closeopenFreedom Ambidextrous Rear Wall Dental Delivery System Model: 90-2054
closeopenMobile Dental Cabinet Model: 90-1021D
closeopenFreedom Ambidextrous Dental Assistant’s System Model: 90-1054
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