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Good Doctors Co., Ltd. | Aussteller auf der Internationale Dental-Schau 2021

Good Doctors Co., Ltd.

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Good Doctors Co., Ltd.
Bupyeong-daero 283
21315 Incheon
Korea, Süd
+82 32 4246325
+82 32 4246326
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Unternehmen und Produkte


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Good Doctors is one of leading manufacturer of dental devices in South Korea. We supply highest quality and efficient product of Intraoral Camera, Carious Detector, Curing Light, Apex Locator.

Now Good Doctors Co., Ltd. look forward to seeing the company grow into a world leader of dental equipment. To give satisfy to customer, to be a leading company, and to make better items.



closeopenInspire (Intraoral Caries Detector)
closeopenWhicam M (Intraoral Camera)
closeopenEZ Shot HD (Wireless & Wired Intraoral Camera)
closeopenDr's Light (Curing Light)
closeopenClever (Curing Light)
closeopenDr's Finder NEO (Apex Locator)
closeopenDr's Finder (Apex Locator)