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At IDS Germany, Admetec to Introduce First-to-Market Integrated Camera & Headlight for Dental and Surgical Loupes

“Flamingo” integrates HD camera & headlight in one lightweight solution, enabling dentists to easily film their work in real time.


Haifa, Israel – Admetec, a leader in designing and manufacturing custom-fitted magnification loupes and LED headlights for dentists, hygienists, surgeons, and veterinarians, will launch the market’s first integrated HD camera and headlight for dental loupes at IDS Germany, March 14-18 in Cologne. At its booth in Hall 11.1, Stand F058 G059, the company will feature the Flamingo, a lightweight new tool offering modern tech and ergonomic-friendly positioning without excess weight or cumbersome extra wires.


As a battery-powered combined HD camera and headlight system, the Flamingo brings a wide array of benefits. First and foremost, the Flamingo allows simple, real-time recording applicable to a variety of common scenarios, including instructions for colleagues or classes, explanations to patients and patient files, and promotional purposes. With Admetec’s incorporated propriety software, HD video can be streamed via Wi-Fi to laptops and other screens, and screenshots can be taken and autosaved for real-time documentation. Conveniently, automatic software updates eliminate the need to download and install newer versions.


Another benefit is what the Flamingo lacks: heft. Since the instrument is designed to be worn for substantial stretches of work, Admetec designed the solution to be as lightweight as possible. Doing so meant forgoing flashy-yet-unnecessary features such as autofocus, which adds weight despite its limited usefulness in a working environment where distances are typically stable.


Of course, proper light is also critical, both for crisper focusing and attaining quality images. Because the Flamingo’s headlight is integrated with its camera, the light beam remains focused precisely on what its user is filming. This wearable setup also prevents users from obstructing their own light, as frequently occurs with traditional operatory lighting.


Notably, the Flamingo draws upon Admetec’s experience designing and manufacturing both loupes and lights, accruing instructive customer feedback in each of these two typically segregated tools categories. The company’s deep understanding of what features truly matter – and, of course, which do not – informed a design that is especially user-friendly, streamlining both functionality and wearability.


Admetec’s COO, Danny Katz, explains, “The Flamingo was developed because we listened to – and learned from – our customers. There was a strong desire for a tool that offers the benefits of modern tech without the weight or hassle and passionate doctors love seeing dental work – theirs and that of colleagues. Our Flamingo is an elegant tool that enables them to teach, to consult and advise, enriching their knowledge while being easy to use. We look forward to showcasing this groundbreaking solution at this year’s IDS Germany.”


For both convenience and ease of use, the Flamingo’s camera and light connect to a PowerPack – Admetec’s dual battery and control panel system – via a single lightweight cable, a welcome departure from errant, extraneous wires. For added comfort and easy accessibility, the PowerPack either can clip to a user’s belt or sit in a pocket. A personalized, protective case makes travel convenient.

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