IDS: 25.–29.03.2025 #IDScologne

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Villacryl STC | Aussteller auf der IDS - Internationale Dental-Schau 2023

Villacryl STC

Self-curing acrylic resin for the fabrication of temporary crowns and bridges and the repair of temporary crowns and bridges with acrylic veneers. Powder and liquid form. Initial crown formation and material hardening take place directly in the patient’s mouth.
• Available colors 1, 2, 3 are the closest to the VITA® A-1, A-3, A-4 shades
• Maximum curing temperature in the patient’s mouth is only 37 °C

• Ease of use in the dentist’s office
• Aesthetic color shades
• Low self-curing temperature
• Short self-curing time
• Well tolerated by patients
• Heavy metals free
• Biologically neutral
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