IDS: 25.–29.03.2025 #IDScologne

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Vorläufige Ausstellerliste 2025

Sie wollen wissen welche Aussteller bei der IDS 2025 dabei sind? Dann stöbern Sie in der vorläufigen Ausstellerliste der Internationalen Dental-Schau.

Hier finden Sie die vorläufige Ausstellerliste der IDS 2025 zum Download.

Vorläufige Ausstellerliste herunterladen (.pdf)


Anthos Classe A7 Plus | Aussteller auf der IDS - Internationale Dental-Schau 2023

Anthos Classe A7 Plus

Complete with new technological solutions and innovative functions to help dentists consolidate their professional skills and business, the Classe A7 Plus offers a vast array of optional features that make it a top-class unit for all specialists.

Geometry and ergonomics designed to improve every minute spent around the patient chair. Comfort for all: dentist, assistant and patient. Advanced technological functions, perfect control via the multitouch panel, latest-generation systems such as voice control and NFC connectivity. Together, they enhance the user experience and meet even the strictest clinical requirements. Outstanding performance, aesthetic and ergonomic personalisation and authentic versatility to meet the widely differing needs of an ever-evolving pool of dentists.

Cutting-edge control panel

Available in two versions - the as-standard Full Touch Clinic or optional Full Touch Multimedia - the instrument panel lets dentists control unit body functions and personalise all integrated device parameters at a touch. The 7" multitouch HD screen offers immediate data display and can, on the Continental model, be rotated from vertical to horizontal. The Clinic instrument panel controls patient chair movement, displays data for conservative, endodontic and implantology work; it is also used to manage hygiene devices and other accessory services. On the Multimedia version images and videos can be displayed. The protective glass is impact and water-resistant and can be disinfected easily and safely. Intuitive on-screen graphics speed up work. Smartphone-like operation makes for an extremely simple, up-to-the-minute user experience.

Micromotors with FIT technology

Anthos micromotors are now available with FIT technology to detect any composite materials in the teeth. Activating the UV LED lights incorporated in the micromotor highlights those parts of the tooth treated with composite materials.
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