IDS: 25.–29.03.2025 #IDScologne

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Vorläufige Ausstellerliste 2025

Sie wollen wissen welche Aussteller bei der IDS 2025 dabei sind? Dann stöbern Sie in der vorläufigen Ausstellerliste der Internationalen Dental-Schau.

Hier finden Sie die vorläufige Ausstellerliste der IDS 2025 zum Download.

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Anthos Classe R7 | Aussteller auf der IDS - Internationale Dental-Schau 2023

Anthos Classe R7

Authentic versatility in the form of a sophisticated ambidextrous unit which swings round from right to left in more or less 60 seconds, and without the need for a technician’s intervention. Also available as a simple modular concept in which dentists can choose the configuration they want.

Suitable for all surgery layouts, Classe R7 takes the versatility concept to a whole new level. Integrated Anthos technology gives dentists access to advanced clinical functions and lets them perform endodontic and implantology work with the instruments on the dental unit. Classe R7 also features latest-generation NFC connectivity, enhancing its suitability for multi-operator clinics or dentistry faculties. The system features a unit-integrated microchip and an IP68-rated silicone NFC bracelet. When brought up to the side of the dentist’s module, the unit instantly recognises the dentist and the software applies the previously saved settings. The system has 20 memory slots (i.e. for up to 20 dentists). Personalised settings include patient chair, integrated instruments, interface preferences and automatisms for operating light, cuspidor bowl and cup. Every time the dentist links to the dental unit by bringing the bracelet up against the dentist's module, the system recalls all saved custom settings.

Voice controls.

Available as an optional, the voice assistant optimises ‘patient chair time’, minimises physical contact with accessory systems and streamlines tasks performed without an assistant. The system recognises micromotor/scaler mode voice commands; voice control also lets users switch on/off and adjust the operating light, and move the patient chair to set positions or saved working positions. It can also start the timer when performing clinical procedures such as impression-taking. If the dental unit is connected to the PC, voice control can be used to interact with the image management software, open patient folders and save camera or integrated X-ray sensor images.
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