IDS: 25.–29.03.2025 #IDScologne

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Stern S320TR | Aussteller auf der IDS - Internationale Dental-Schau 2023

Stern S320TR

The S320TR implements a series of advanced technologies to allow precision control of integrated systems and instruments, including specialised ones. New innovations for conservative dentistry, voice-controlled interaction and NFC connectivity form the technological heart of the model. Available on any configuration, the advanced hygiene systems have been perfected to offer user-friendly control. Certified disinfection devices and built-in design features minimise risk effectively.

Introduced at IDS 2023, Stern Weber units feature a host of new and exclusive technologies. For example:

Interactive LED Pack - makes dental unit design more appealing and provides user-friendly info on the status of the integrated functions via LEDs. There are several warnings/indicators: their colour provides a range of useful information, from scaler mode to hygiene cycle progress on the dental unit. During root canal treatment with the apex locator on, the LED ring changes colour according to the distance from the apex.

Voice control - to make interaction between staff and instruments even more agile, the virtual voice assistance system offers numerous workflow improvement opportunities, such as switching on and off or selecting “composite” mode on the operating light. If the dental unit is connected to the PC, dentists can interact with the image management software via voice control.

i-XS4 FLUO micromotor - with FIT technology to detect composite materials. Allows faster, more precise removal of old composite in teeth that need to be retreated. With orthodontic or aesthetic treatments, bracket removal is simple, safe and effective.

Wearable technologies - instant NFC connectivity using a chip in the dentist’s module and an IP68-class silicone bracelet gives access to custom settings. Up to 20 memory slots for instrument parameters, patient chair, operating light, plus interface preferences.
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